Three children sat at the end of a bed at Ivan's request. While the other two kids chatted and elbowed each other, I took the opportunity to knee-bounce in circles on the mattress when Ivan turned his back to us. With every knee-bounce circle completed, I grew more concerned as to why Ivan told us to sit at the end of the bed, why the door was closed, and why he kept his back to us.

On the final turn of my knee-bounce circle, Ivan had turned and faced us. I saw why Ivan ask us to sit at the end of the bed.

I attempted to escape but Ivan overpowered me.


The best part of this bad memory is it revealed the truth. The facts emerged from the hidden places of traumatic amnesia and surfaced as a past experience that I was ready to accept--tangible, believable and painful. The details played out like a recorded video.

I discovered Ivan was a predatory pedophile. I thought back on that day--a witness to the coward behind the man. I saw how he preyed on his victims, planned and manipulated, and hid behind closed doors when no other adults were near.

After the graphic details of the abuse surfaced, I phoned the adult I remembered to be one of the other children sitting at the end of the bed back in the day of our childhood.

I asked, "Do you remember when..."

"Yes. I remember too." The confident adult voice answered back.

My story was validated.

The truth gave me an aching-sense of relief and confidence to move closer to confronting Ivan.


Predatory Pedophiles groom their victims and are skilled at the process they use to satisfy their intentions. Read more about identifying the behaviors of a predatory pedophile.

Filling a Void is one method a pedophile will use to gain access to a victim.
"A sexual predator almost always offers a sympathetic ear- After all, they know just what to say. They exploit a child’s need for love, sympathy, and support. Whatever the child needs or wants, the molester is happy to provide, with or without a parent’s knowledge or consent. Some molesters will even instigate a sexual relationship with a single parent just to gain access to her children. The greater the family need and the molester’s position of trust, the less ability a child has to say, “NO!”" READ MORE


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