Journal Entry December 13, 1986

"Did Ivan molest me more than once? Who else did he hurt? Did he hurt my children? I want to call him now and tell him I remember what he did! But it’s my word against his. No one will believe me…”

My thoughts spun around fueling my emotions. Overwhelmed, I landed my reaction to the memories safely on the pages of my journal. Writing it down kept me from reacting and confronting Ivan, enraged.

In the quiet of the evenings, after the kids went to bed, I sat with my husband and shared my journal entries. We cried together and asked countless questions we had no answers for. Finally, we concluded that we needed help deciding if and when I would confront Ivan.

We shared our dilemma with trusted friends, and gathered advice from Dr. Barone. Afterwards, it was clear to us how to proceed.


Why not call out the perpetrator the moment you suspect or know they have violated you or someone you care for? So you and your loved ones remain safe, to avoid acting as a vigilante, and to help preserve the integrity of a potential crime case. Responding responsibly will aid in justice being served.

Don't be fooled. Child predators are dangerous and they don't want to be caught.

A trusted professional can offer safe advise. If you don't know one, call the police for advice.

King Solomon writes about reacting with haste in Proverbs 14:16, “The wise are cautious and avoid danger; fools plunge ahead with reckless confidence.”