"Truth has a certain ring to it," Ernest Hemingway said.

When the face in the shadow showed itself and I recognized him, the expression on his face confused me. Then I wondered, why was he there with me?

He entered my room in a cloak of silence. He greeted me masked in kindness. Fully clothed in a disguise of safety, Ivan looked down at me.

“I’m scared. There’s something in my room.” I told him.

“What's scaring you?” Ivan whispered.

“They come in from the window over there.” I pointed. “They’re Ghosts.”

Just then I saw one.

Ivan smiled while he explained what flashed across the wall and ceiling. He helped me understand the truth about the ghosts on the ceiling. But I was still scared—of Ivan. He stayed in my room and hurt me.

Only one shadow with one face walked into my room—Ivan.

The perfect tone of truth rung in my heart, soul, and mind. I had no doubt about the identity of the "he" in my room.  Now what? Did this happen once during my childhood? Why did he do this to me? I trusted him. Has he molested other children? My children?


There are many forms of sexual abuse that perpetrators practice in order to avoid being caught. The methods used are disturbing and uncomfortable to write in words. The Department of Justice gives a straight forward document that may help educate readers on the facts of sexual crimes. Research more.