It happened when I least expected it. December 1986, I reached in my purse to find my keys and a face flashed in front of me.

“Yes. I recognize that face.”

The face flashed again but this time it lingered in my mind’s eye.

“I know him! Why is he the face in the shadow? And if he’s the one harming me, why does he have a kind expression on his face?”

What I remembered confused me. Then it all made sense. The man I recognized, Ivan, a relative who I trusted, was rescuing me from the shadow harming me.


It helped me to pursue the truth of every detail as memories surfaced. I struggled to be patient because I wanted all the answers right then but discovered it took time to address every aspect of details as they surfaced. It helped me to journal my findings, ask questions and write out concerns. I talked and prayed with people I trusted. And my therapist encouraged me to the next level--moving forward even though I was afraid of the unknown.

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Childhood trauma occurs with different degrees of intensity and frequency. That means every experience is unique to the person and circumstance in which it occurred. And I believe there is hope to heal from the injuries caused from fear-induced childhood trauma.

In the early 1980's there was little support in the scientific world concurring with the data now being produced on victims recovering from truama. But victims who have recovered and healed have proven old-science wrong and are giving purpose to scientist for further study. Read more about fear induced trauma and recovering from trauma-induced stress.

Be safe. Be accurate. Be brave.