When I first uncovered hidden details of a traumatic experience that happened to me when I was four, a stronghold of fear consumed me. I felt numb, unable to move, think or speak--like concrete being poured into the depths of my soul and hardening me into a statue that would pull me into the depths where I would never be rescued. I was desperate to find a safe place to hide from what caused my fear.

"Can I handle what I'm afraid?  Will I heal from what I find? Will it imprison me with debilitating fear and doubt? Will I survive what I discover?

Even though family, friends, and a caring therapist supported me, I needed more. I turned to my faith, but questioned if it was authentic and if the God, I professed to believe in, even existed.

In Philippians 4:13, Christ, by way of his Holy Spirit, is the source of strength in all circumstances. I believed this to be true and chose to trust I that Christ's source of strength would equip me to overcome the challenges ahead of me. Although I was still afraid, I took the next step to recover missing details from a traumatic childhood experience.

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Be safe. Be accurate. Be brave.