“Can you describe the shadow?”

“It’s shaped like a person. I see only the head, neck, and shoulders. There’s no face.”

“What’s the shadow doing?”

“He’s looking down at me.”


I shivered from a cold draft swirling around me. My insides tightened by a force of fear. Heaviness, again, in the center of my soul. Then as sensation as if I were falling, on my side, in gray space. I couldn't stop my fall.

I whispered, “Help me God.”


Not remembering someone molested me seemed impossible—specious. Could the details of the shadow be someone I imagined?

Details of a traumatic experience blocked from recall is a condition researcher’s call traumatic amnesia. Other terms used according to the Leadership Council Organization on Child Abuse are, dissociative amnesia, repression, dissociative state, psychogenic shock, or motivated forgetting. Learn More


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