Will Ivan call me? Will Ivan write me? Or will he stay silent?

I didn’t wait long for Ivan's answer. His letter arrived in the mailbox. I opened it while I walked up the driveway. And I read it on the front porch.

Ivan validated my claim that I was abused by someone. He assured me it wasn’t him and " didn't have any idea who it could be". He encouraged me to continue with therapy to find answers and to heal. He hoped for the best for me as I tackled my hardship. I felt calm that I had his support and ashamed that I accused him of being my abuser. Then I read the last paragraph.

The supportive Ivan hid behind his cloak and the shadow emerged from behind the words of the last paragraph. The same shadow that haunted me in my dreams. The same shadow, in my bedroom when I was four years old. (click here to read The Shadow) Ivan's shadow showed its true identity, in the form of a familiar threat.

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When do you confront your abuser? After you have contacted the appropriate authorities and professionals to guide you through the process. Why? For you and your family's safety. See state specific help tips and read more about how to report child abuse.


Be safe. Be accurate. Be brave.