A pen and blank piece of paper lay on the kitchen table in front of me. The paper lay blank, not because I didn't know what to write, but rather, I contemplated how to narrow down the thoughts flooding through my brain. I hung my head and closed my eyes and replayed the scene of Ivan overpowering me at the end of the bed with the other children, when I was a little girl. I pictured the faces of my own children and thought about their safety--still unsettled with suspicion, without proof, but wondering if they were victims also. (Read, The Best Part of a Bad Memory)

I picked up the pen and wrote a letter to Ivan. When I finished, I prayed the truth would be revealed and my family would remain safe no matter how Ivan responded. I mailed it. Then I waited.

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When do you confront your abuser? After you have contacted the appropriate authorities and professionals to guide you through the process. Why? For you and your family's safety. See state specific help tips and read more about how to report child abuse.


Be safe. Be accurate. Be brave.