Suddenly, my thoughts broke free from the tangled knot of unanswered questions, concerns and suspicions and the truth appeared as clear and straight as the road ahead of me.

“It is possible that my children and other children were Ivan's victims also.” I grieved so deeply for my children and the child I was 20 years earlier, I couldn't cry. Only an unfamiliar noise escaped my mouth from somewhere inside (Click here to re-read Tangled in Trauma)

I clenched my fists and this prayer erupted, “You allowed this to happen! But yet you promise to protect us from evil. Where were you, God? And if you are sovereign over everything that happens in life then show me. Show me how me and my family will heal.”

But instead of more angry outbursts and blame, a peaceful calm fell over me that I couldn’t explain. The anchor was set. I was convinced that I could and I would conquer this crisis with the help of my heavenly father. I just didn’t know what that journey would look like.

I was ready to battle on behalf of my children and willing to participate in stopping Ivan’s crime spree. Even thought I didn't choose this crisis to be a part of my life's experiences, I chose to do something about it. 

As a result, I trusted strength more steadfast than my own strength. I moved forward in faith and experienced the force of power shifting from a pedophiles clutches toward the freeing of his victims.

And I believed God's unfailing love and faithfulness will work within and beyond the brokenness of my family. Read more in Psalm 34:18 and 147:3, Christ will heal the brokenhearted, and will reveal the truth and rescue the downtrodden and 1 John 3:7-12 promises Christ will destroy the power of evil.

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If you’ve suffered from any kind of abuse, it’s not too late to set an anchor in your life and chose to heal, educate yourself and your family, and keep watch with courage, for yourself and/or on behalf of a child. “It’s not easy” and you’re not expected to confront the situation alone.

Go to Stop It Now to help take the next step for resources or report to your local police or sheriff and ask for a detective assigned to crimes against children.

Be safe. Be accurate. Be brave.